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Nikita N Scott (Customer Service Rep)

First of all thank you lord for this opportunity!! 2nd thank you EKinnard Israel as well bc without you I probably wouldn't have made it this far!😘 I've been struggling since the month of may, not knowing how my bills were getting paid...just didn't know which way to go even went into a state of depression!!! But thanks to this wonderful company I done came up out of all of that, only because they believe in me!!! At 1st I wondered if it was even possible, and I am here to tell you #itis anything is possible if you believe in yourself and keep pushing forward no matter what! It feels really good to be able to work in the convenience of my own home, choose my own hours👌 best job for any individual. And I'm striving to be 1 of the best #csr's this company has!!!


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Kashawna Ferguson (Customer Service Rep)

Nothing is worse than giving a job all you got and at the end of the day it’s still not good enough. A few months ago I was introduced to Emerald Enterprise Corp. I was skeptical of course because of all the scams behind work at home positions. But with everything that was going on around me I was like why not?? Needless to say, I love it!! Emerald Enterprise welcomed me with open arms! I’m reminded all the time how my hard work is appreciated and already received a promotion to Supervisor 🙌🏽 I can now say goodbye to a 9 to 5. I work when I want to and if I don’t want to I don’t. I don’t always like talking to people but why not get paid for it, right? I don’t feel limited to what I can achieve here. The opportunities are endless and I’m glad I was given this chance ❤️

Daphny Smith (HR Interviewer)

I want to first give all honor and glory to God because without him this would not have been possible. I prayed and he delivered. I had been looking for a legit work from home job for a while. There is so many scams out there it almost seems impossible. I was just about ready to give up on it. But a few months ago I was introduced to Emerald Enterprise Corp. At first I kinda shrugged it off because of my past failures in looking, but I decided to just give it a shot and I couldn't be more happy with my pursuit. Working from home has given me so much flexibility; I work when I want to and if I don't want to I don't. In just a little over 1 month I went from being a customer service agent to being promoted into the HR Department as a interviewer for the company. This company has blessed my family in so many ways. They are so supportive, understanding, and always looking to the wellness of their employees and on top of that, the opportunities are endless! Therefore I thank God for this amazing opportunity!

"Agents That Are Soaring With Emerald Enterprise Corp"

Ginger Newcomb (Customer Service Rep)

Hi, my name is Ginger! One day I saw an advertisement about working from home, like usual I asked but never did I believe it was real. I then received a call from HR and we started paperwork. From there it was like a dream come true, I began my online class and getting certified. This is when things got real, not only could we make our own schedule, but we were able to work as many hours as we wanted. As time went by the benefits just kept getting better, we were able to have meetings to get help, go over our necessary things, win contests, win vacations each year, as well as insurance and raises from time to time and all this from the comfort of our own home.

Being on the phone was scary at first, then it came that time I realized there wasn't any need to be scared, because no matter what my managers had going on there was always somebody I could always depend on to be there when needed. Rather it was a reassurance talk or assistance needed it didn't matter I could always rely on having help. The more I spoke to managers, I began realizing this was the best thing that I could've ever done for me and my family.

Being able to work from home is one of the best choices I have made in life, knowing I can work around my teenagers and toddler never having to choose between school functions or making money again.

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Sheila Tolbert (Customer Service Agent)

WOW!! I spoke it in the atmosphere that 2019 was the year of financial freedom on Jan. 1st...and AS ALWAYS God answered.. I joined the Emerald Enterprises Corp. team and the rest is history. I work full time for a great company already for years. But life has its own twists and turns that the budget can’t always cover. BUT GOD!!! Lol.. Once I talked with the friendly staff at Emerald. I knew it was a good fit. God makes you uncomfortable with things/situations to get you to the next level. With Emerald, that is possible. Flexible hours, GREAT staff, and caring owner. You can’t go wrong with this company because they are dedicated to YOU succeeding not just the company!!! I look forward to many years with this company as well... THANK GOD FOR EMERALD!! THANK EMERALD FOR THE OPPORTUNITY!!! #2019FINANCIALFREE #LEVELUP

Zenobia Jackson (Customer Service Representative)

I had been looking for a work from home job for so long but could never find one. Then boom Emerald Enterprise came into my life. This is a amazing company to work for. They are so motivating and down to earth. I love the support they give you and the eagerness to help you learn.