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Pre Application

Must be 18 or older to apply for this company.
Are you Bilingual
What Time Zone Are You In?*
What benefit is it for you to work from home?
When Can You Start?*
Training Dates will be June 14th - June 28th. Is there anything that would prevent you from completing your training?*
Class times will be discussed if you receive an interview.
Salary is $10 an hour are you willing to accept this pay?*
Is there anything that would prevent you from completing your training at that time?
Are You Looking for Full-Time or Part-Time Employment?*
Do you have a laptop or desktop computer?*
Mac Computers are not compatible for this position.
Do You Have A Mac Computer?*
Certain positions require Mac Computers
Do You Have Dual Monitors?
You will need an USB Headset is this something you have or can get by training?*
Agents will have to have USB Headset before you go into training. If you do not have this, please do not apply until you are equip with the technical requirements.
How did you hear about this position?
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Thank you! Your message was sent successfully. An interviewer will be contacting you shortly.

Once you have completed and subnmitted this pre application an interviewer will review and if you are a good fit for the position, we will move forword in the hiring process.

Thank you for your time!



If you know the time that you will be available and able to complete the full process in one setting, make an appointment for the date and time that you will be available. Never Miss that Interview!!!

Emerald Enterprise Corp has made it to where you can set the your appointment for your interview. With this process you want to make sure that you are 100% ready!! Be in front of your computer at the apppropriate time. 

Click the link in the upper left corner that says, "Book Appointment."

We will talk to you soon!!!!

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